Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Rachel: Week 9

Today we partnered with the intercultural aides to put on a BBQ and it was so much fun!! It is so nice being able to fund events and I think this really was a great opportunity!! Me and Ariel ran all over to get food for the event and it made for a really stressful morning knowing that we were in charge of making sure that everything was there okay. But once we made it to Selleck, got everything unloaded, and ate some ice cream we really knew that this was a great event. A ton of students showed up and it was so fun being able to watch all of them interact. Seeing a group of students from all over the world with different backgrounds and different languages interact truly is amazing. As the host of the event I was able to sit back for awhile and people watch and I really was able to see some amazing things. The students didn't stick to talking to people from their country, they all seemed comfortable around each other, and prejudices really weren't apparent. They all enjoyed the food and the conversation and it was a really rewarding experience for everyone.

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