Friday, April 4, 2014

Rachel: Week 8

This week we held another game afternoon. I thought it was a lot of fun.. granted it was just me sitting at a table playing Jenga for a half hour by myself... It truly is disappointing to plan something and be so excited about it then have no one show up to enjoy it with you. Today was another one of those days. Since school is winding down and there is more and more homework to do and more and more events to go to around campus I guess this would be a valid explanation for the lack of attendance at our event. I hope that we can finish strong in the next week and have the chance to meet a few more of the IEP students. Outside of the events I think I am really starting to build personal relationships with the few that I have met and those have truly began to be the most rewarding. I found one of the Arabic students in the Union yesterday and I had the chance to sit down with him and talk about how he was liking everything in Lincoln. It was really nice to actually feel like I was able to interact with the students and let them meet me for me, not just an icon on the Facebook page blowing up their walls bout our events, but someone who really cared about their time here. I think he really appreciated it and I know I really loved the opportunity. He inspired one of our last events; the week after next we will be throwing him an American birthday party. I am really excited to see how it turns out.

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