Sunday, February 2, 2014

The Beginning: Rachel

This internship is such a great opportunity with such a great goal in mind; to connect international students with UNL students here on campus. As the IEP intern it is my job in order to plan and raise awareness about the events in order to connect and start relationships between students who otherwise might not have the chance. Two weeks into this job and I am finally getting my head around how I need to go about doing this internship. I feel like the first couple weeks are the hardest. One needs to get over the initial "oh my dear, how in the world am I going to accomplish this" stage before they can really be productive. Over the past couple weeks I have been brainstorming ideas, making connections with organizations on campus that I could involve, learning of activities being held around campus and the Lincoln area, planning my schedule accordingly, deciding when I can visit the IEP classrooms to meet the international students myself, and just trying to get an idea of what this semester is going to look like.
Since this is a relatively new program, I am so excited to expand on what the girls last semester did and make this something even bigger and better. I am confident that I will be able to get people to my events and I am so excited to get started, it is just a matter of what event? When thinking of an event to put on for a large group of diverse students, it can be a bit overwhelming. It is a hard thing to get any student out of their rooms to eat let alone go to class. I am excited to explore the best way to not only get attendance to these events but also get students excited about them.
We decided to kick off the semester with a simple Thursday $5 movie night to the movie Frozen at the Grand. It is not an event that would require the students to be too social but would be an incentive to get out and see the large community of people that they might not normally be involved with. To raise awareness, both me and Ariel have been posting on Facebook about the event, are going in to talk to the international classes about our new FB page and event, as well as telling our friends to invite other friends. I think the best way to get attendance is to get friends to invite friends and etc. Students are more apt to come if they know someone else who is going, so I plan on starting off small and hoping that word of mouth will increase attendance of not only international students, but also UNL students as well.
In this first week I am nervous and excited, but so ready to begin this experience!

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